OVO Sound Radio Debuted “4pm In Calabasas”

In his fourth installment Drake continues  “9AM In Dallas,” “5AM In Toronto” and“6PM In New York” with 4pm in Calabasas. He raps and sings over Diddy’s loop, with no hook, possibly throwing shots at him and other rappers such as Joe Budden. Who tweeted after hearing the track. He talks about stealing an unknown persons girlfriend “Cost of Carreras, I got her kidnapped. She ain’t sorry, I ain’t sorry, it’s too late for sorry.” He also talks about how he has to hide behind his close friend OVO Chubbs to smoke weed because of sponsorship deals. “Cameras pointing every time I look up. That’s why I gotta duck behind Chubbs shoulder just to hit the kush up.Sponsorship dollars is sky high
He be like, “Drake, will you please stop smoking la la?”
Chubbs, why try, I’m a thug, I’mma die high.” Drake seems like he has a point to prove while also having a good time and enjoying his bragging rap.



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