1.Peaky Blinders (September 2013- Present) 3 Seasons

A gangsta crime drama set on the verge of the 1920s of Birmingham. Three brothers run a gang called Peaky Blinders led by the ambitious and canny Thomas Shelby. He plans om taking him and his brothers from just a petty crime family to something more powerful. The show focuses on family struggles, loyalty and also power. Watching this show you won’t be dissatisfied, watching Thomas Shelby plot to the top and killing whoever crosses the Peaky Blinders and the Shelbys.


2. LUTHER (May 2010-July 2013) 3 Seasons On Netflix

A detective that has his own demons and self conflicting issues he has to deal with plus the criminals he has to out smart. He’s a brilliant detective that sometimes doesn’t go by the book. He takes matters in to his own hands when dealing with criminals when the law keeps him in a box. Luther is dedicated to his job which is a gift and a curse.


3. House Of Cards (February 2013- Present) 4 Seasons

After being lied to on getting his new position in the White House for helping the president get elected. Frank begin plotting his revenge against those who betrayed him and those that will get in his way will receive the same fate. He will kill, frame, use people to get to the top. House Of Cards sheds light on the political world and how those in power got there.


4.Daredevil (April 2015-Present) 2 Seasons

A blind lawyer who fights with laws and words in the day time and fights with his hands at night. He has a hard time explaining why he’s late to work or always bruised. But his midnight crusades in Hell’s Kitchen creates allies and enemies. He takes on King Pin and his crime syndicate and the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen doesn’t back down.


5. Hell On Wheels (November 2011- July 2016) 5 Seasons

A Condfederate soldier named Cullen Bohannon helps run a railroad. He helps lead the railroad across the United States and that doesn’t come easy. Fighting mercenaries, U.S soldiers, Native Americans, and others on the rail road. Bohannon is a respected man who is feared by many. He will do anything to get the railroad across the U.S and he will let no one get in his way!




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