TOP 5: Fashion Trends

  1. Vintage Bleach                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Vintage bleached NBA, NFL, HIP HOP, Rock, and etc are very popular and your favorite artist can be seen in these. You can find shirts like these at


2. Dad Hats

Dad hats have recently gotten popular quite quickly with artist and people on the internet. You can find alot of cool Dad Hats at

3. Puma and Jordan brand

Puma has been making a comback as of late with collaborations with artist to bring attention and sales.Rihanna’s fuzzy slippers have been in high demand on the internet. There’s a counter for the restock for the slippers on the site. Jordan Brand has never lost its wave with the consumers. The GOAT in the NBA is also the GOAT in the shoe game. Collaborations with Drake’s OVO was a hit and also their collaborations with SUPREME was also a hit. Jordan sneakers will always have a line for each release.


4. PRPS Jeans

PRPS are very popular, their clothing has been on your favorite artist or celebrity and even friends. Can shop at

5. Jerseys

Sports jersys will forever stay in style, from representing your favorite team, your hometown or cause you just like how the jersey looks. There’s plenty to choose from Soccer to NFL there’s an abundance of coloways and logos to choose from.


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