Joe Budden Drops Another Drake Diss Called “WAKE”

Joe Budden precisely drops another diss backed up by  he production of araabMUZIK after his first diss “Making A Murder Pt.1” early this morning at 2:31am, the exact time Drake was born in October. The song starts off with Kenny Powers a character from a show called Eastbound And Down speaking at a funeral. Joe Budden is hinting that we are at Drakes funeral.

Joe opens with “My condolences, my condolences Whole family in mourning send my condolences My condolences, crazy I just spoke to him Courtney dropping drinks all in Hooters She losin’ focus shit” Referring to his first diss saying he killed drake in it., now he’s giving his condolences. He also mentions Courtney who Drake thought she was the the girl to complete him which he stated in his song “From Time”. 

Joe Budden also how mentions how drake uses people and steal their style to benefit him. Drake has been known hop on people waves or steal flows or have writers.
“Gucci wasn’t home two seconds before you rode his dick. Bodied Versace flows, copy, that he stole Ay dios mio, sorry Migos, adios amigo. Was that your plot all along? Why you ain’t do that vid with Fetty but you hopped on the song?” Joe Budden mentions drake instanly doing music with Gucci Mane soon as he gets out of jail knowing he’s hot at the  moment. He also speaks on how he famously hopped on the migos track and then later stole their flow and how he hopped on Fetty Wap’s “My Way”. Which Fetty didnt really need his feature, he already had two other songs in the top 10 on the Billboard charts. Drake attched himself to Fetty and didn’t do a video because it didn’t benefit him.

 He again mentions drake using people and riding waves. “No really, we want a Party album. But you keep stealing all of Party’s album. To go and put it on your party album
It’s plenty reason to slay you. Kept going up Tuesday’s and now The Weeknd just hates you.” Me and I’m sure as many others want a PartyNextDoor album, but alot of his good songs are going to Drake’s albums. Joe cleverly uses The Weekend name and ILoveMakonnen’s hit with Drake “Tuesday”  together. Both artist departed from Drake. Drake and Weekend were beefing for a while because he did not want to sign with OVO. The Weekend wrote most of Drake’s arguably best album Take Care. Makonnen departed from him for the same reason to I’m sure, did not want to be his writer.

Joe Budden closes out with Kenny Powers talking at the end of the song.


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