Freddie Gibbs Is Back With a Visual Release For “Crushed Glass”

Freddie Gibbs was accused of rape last June and he was eventually acquitted of all charges. It side tracked his rap career and had fans worrying of Gibbs future.

Back with a single “Crushed Glass” Gangsta Gibbs addresses the accusations and he drops a quick line speaking on it,  “I just beat a rape case, groupie b*tch I never f*cked / Tried to give me 10 for some p*ssy that I never touched.” He also talks about what he went through while being incarcerated in Austria’s prison system. 

 Gangsta Gibbs is clear with the message the video is supposed to represent the song. Gibbs is looking towards the future and ready to take ove the rap game.  In the beginning he wakes up in a desert, dusts himself off and makes his way to his destination, wherever that may be. The first words he speaks that makes his intentions clear. “The future started yesterday.” Gangsta Gibbs is ready and looking forward to 2017.

The new single comes with news of a new project called “You Only Live 2wice” which will be out 3/31. The artwork, which you can check out below, Freddie Gibbs portraited himself as a religious prophet.

Check out the track list below

1. “20 Karat Jesus” 2. “Alexys” 3. “Crushed Glass” 4. “Dear Maria” 5. “Amnesia” 6. “Andre” 7. “Phone Lit” 8. “Homesick”

You Only Live 2wice is out 3/31


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